Episode 3: Palestinian Refugees Start a New Future in Utica

Manal Alawsaj describes what she calls her moment of truth — who she was meant to be and what she wanted to do.

Manal, Noor and Suroor have made it to America and are regular inhabitants of the Utica community. The sisters discuss what it is like to assimilate into American culture and how being raised in two different areas — Iraq and Utica — has shaped them into who they are today.

Even though the sisters have experienced racism and Islamophobia, they still remain active in the ongoing fight for social justice. They have fully immersed themselves into sports and extracurricular activities and are still giving back to the organization that brought them here by working with MVRCR.

About the Timeline:
The timeline below covers the many different events that led to the Alawsaj sisters resettlement to their present lives in Utica, N.Y.

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